How to Mouse-Proof Your Garage

8 November 2017
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Mice look for warm places to nest in the winter months, and your garage can sometimes be the perfect spot for these tiny rodents to live in. As cold weather approaches, there are a few things you can do to prevent mice from using your garage as a place to escape the winter. Use this guide as you begin winterizing your garage against mice. Repair Or Replace Siding Sometimes, the siding on garages can become neglected. Read More 

Top Four Reasons Why Cockroaches Are Considered Pests

19 October 2017
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When someone says "cockroach," everyone around him/her immediately cringes. What is it about these bugs that creeps everyone out? Why are they a dangerous pest? Because people have long associated this bug with the adjective, "disgusting," does that mean you have to as well? If you need further convincing before you call pest control, here are the top four reasons why cockroaches are considered pests. They Get into, and Eat, EVERYTHING Read More 

Don’t Take Chances With Mosquitoes: How To Protect Yourself From West Nile Virus

26 September 2017
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Summer may have come and gone, but the threat of West Nile virus season isn't over quite yet. In fact, West Nile virus season usually doesn't end until closer to October, especially in warmer regions. West Nile virus is spread through mosquito bites, and most people don't even realize they have it. In fact, it usually passes without consequences. Some people will feel like they've come down with the flu for a few days. Read More 

7 Ways To Keep Your Business From Becoming A Winter Home For Pests

12 September 2017
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Colder weather is a welcome relief from high temperatures. However, it also means that pests will be looking for winter accommodations. If you are not prepared to keep them out, your business could become home to pests ranging from rats to roaches. To help you safeguard your business from pests, here are a few steps to take now. Inspect your business. Look for entry points for pests to enter. Keep a list of any holes, openings, or unsealed pipes that could be used by pests. Read More 

Oh, Rats… Five Signs These Pests May Be Calling Your House Their Home

22 August 2017
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You'd know if you had rats, right? Would you see one scampering across the floor or climbing up your stairs? Well... maybe not. Rats are pretty timid creatures, and they can live in your home for weeks or months before you actually see one. Since it's always best to deal with an infestation early, keep an eye out for these other signs that you may have rats in your home: Read More