Top Four Reasons Why Cockroaches Are Considered Pests

19 October 2017
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When someone says "cockroach," everyone around him/her immediately cringes. What is it about these bugs that creeps everyone out? Why are they a dangerous pest? Because people have long associated this bug with the adjective, "disgusting," does that mean you have to as well? If you need further convincing before you call pest control, here are the top four reasons why cockroaches are considered pests.

They Get into, and Eat, EVERYTHING

Cockroaches are to the insect world what rats are to the rodent family. They can chew their way through anything and everything, including wood, electrical wires and plastic containers. They can also consume absolutely anything, and their digestive systems will digest it. Because they do not have a particular preference for food so long as they can chew it and swallow it, nothing is safe from them (including human skin, hair, etc.). This makes it impossible to control them as they will just move on to whatever else they can consume in your walls and cupboards.

The Microbes They Carry on Their Bodies Are Deadly for Hospitals

When you consider all the places cockroaches go, it should not surprise you that these bugs carry a ton of microbes on their bodies. These microbes can create potentially lethal infections in humans, especially humans in a hospital. Hospitals do all they can to control a cockroach problem (when a cockroach is spotted), but the issue is not 100% controllable because of the very nature of cockroaches.

They Multiply Faster Than Rabbits

Rabbits can have between three and six litters a year, depending on the breed of the rabbit. At most, twenty-plus baby bunnies can come from a litter. That does not even come close to what a female cockroach can do. She can lay enough egg cases in a single year to produce 400 or more live nymphs. If rabbits could do that, they would probably be considered pests too.

They Are the Most Impossible Creatures to Kill

There is a scene in the movie, "Wall-E" where the little robot's friend, a cockroach, is accidentally squashed by Wall-E. Seconds later, the cockroach jumps back up like nothing happened. This is exactly what it is like to try and kill cockroaches. If you attempt to step on them or squash them, nothing happens. They just keep running for cover. Because of the above reasons, plus the fact that they are impossible to kill, makes them the number one pest on pest control lists.

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