How to Mouse-Proof Your Garage

8 November 2017
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Mice look for warm places to nest in the winter months, and your garage can sometimes be the perfect spot for these tiny rodents to live in. As cold weather approaches, there are a few things you can do to prevent mice from using your garage as a place to escape the winter. Use this guide as you begin winterizing your garage against mice.

Repair Or Replace Siding

Sometimes, the siding on garages can become neglected. This is particularly true if your garage is not attached to your home and is not visible from the street. If repairing or replacing the siding is a project you've been putting off, consider tackling it before the winter hits. Mice can use tiny cracks in siding boards to enter the garage, which means that having broken down siding gives the mice a free entrance to the building. You can also reinforce the interior walls by adding panels of sheet metal on the lower portion of each wall. The metal will be harder for mice to chew through even if they are able to get past the siding and insulation of the garage.

Clean The Floors

If you use your garage as a workspace for projects, be sure that the floor is clean. Sawdust, newspaper, cardboard, and other similar items can make great nesting materials for mice. These materials can then be taken to a dark corner in your garage where the mice can nest through the winter and beyond. Sweep up the garage every time you work on a project, and be sure to take the trash outside as well. You can also use a shop vacuum to pick up dirt and debris quickly.

Elevate Your Storage

Your garage may also function as a self-storage space for your home, but your boxes of clothes can make warm, cozy places for mice to nest in throughout the cold winter months. Consider replacing your cardboard boxes with plastic bins, and invest in heavy-duty shelving you can install on your walls. The higher up the shelves are, the more inaccessible they will be to mice and other rodents. You can also use a storage system that works in the garage's rafters to keep your storage completely away from the floor.

You may want to have a pest control expert inspect your garage for any signs of an existing rodent problem before you begin sealing cracks and making other changes, Your pest control expert can also help point out other steps you can take to keep mice out of your garage this winter. To learn more, contact a rodent control company like Xtermco Inc