7 Ways To Keep Your Business From Becoming A Winter Home For Pests

12 September 2017
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Colder weather is a welcome relief from high temperatures. However, it also means that pests will be looking for winter accommodations. If you are not prepared to keep them out, your business could become home to pests ranging from rats to roaches. To help you safeguard your business from pests, here are a few steps to take now.

  1. Inspect your business. Look for entry points for pests to enter. Keep a list of any holes, openings, or unsealed pipes that could be used by pests. Do not forget your roof in your inspection. Pests such as squirrels and rats love entering buildings through the roof.
  2. Repair the doors. Throughout the cold months, pests will be looking for any chance to enter your building, and the doors could offer just that. Although you cannot completely close your doors for the entire time, you can adjust your automatic door openers to shorten the time they are open. You also need to seal and fix any doors that have openings.
  3. Close entry points. Any entry points that were discovered through your inspection need to be closed. If you discovered openings in your roofing, such as flashing that is not properly nailed down, call in a roofing contractor to repair the problem.
  4. Look for water sources. During the winter, water will be important to the pests' livelihood. Water leaks, hoses that are left unattended, and other water sources need to be repaired now. Train your employees on how to properly store hoses to lower the chances of water being left out for pests.
  5. Clean up the exterior. Shrubs, boxes, and other items left near the exterior of your building can serve as temporary shelter for pests until they can get inside your business. Use the last warm days to make sure these items are either thrown in the garbage or properly stored away from the building.
  6. Change your lighting. Some types of lighting, such as mercury vapor lights, are attractive to pests. If possible, replace them with lights that are advertised to repel pests.
  7. Store food in inaccessible containers. If your business involves food, you need to make sure it is properly sealed and stored off the ground. If possible, do not leave any food outside.

During your routine pest control visit from an exterminator from a company like Paffy's Pest Control, ask the pro about other ways you and your workers can protect your business from pests once the weather drops.