How Cockroaches Get In Your House And How To Get Rid Of Them

23 June 2017
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Seeing one cockroach in your house might not worry you a lot, but you might start getting a little upset if you begin seeing a lot of them roaming throughout your home. Many people think that cockroaches only infest homes that are vacant or very dirty, but this is not the case. The cleanest home in the world is capable of being infested by cockroaches, and this is because cockroaches can get in a home in so many ways. Read More 

6 Natural Ways To Rid Your Home Of Termites

21 March 2017
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Termites can cause a lot of damage to both homes and outdoor furniture. So discovering an infestation can really sting. Fortunately, they're not the most difficult pest to treat, and there are often a number of things you can do at home to minimize the damage while waiting for pest control services like Fowler Pest Control. Here are six natural ways to rid your home of termites. 1. Cardboard Box Trap. What better method of trapping termites than by using their favorite meal as bait? Read More 

3 Tips To Implement When Hunting For Bed Bugs

28 December 2016
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If you wake up every morning with red, itchy and painful bites, your house might be infested with bed bugs. This is especially true if you notice that the bites are in a line, and generally in a row of three. Most of the bites are usually found on the face, neck, arms and legs. To confirm that you do indeed have bed bugs and need to call an bed bug control service immediately before the situation worsens, hunt for bed bugs on your bed, couches and other furniture. Read More 

7 Tips For Managing Mosquitoes At Home

1 August 2016
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With concern about Zika virus and other mosquito-borne illnesses like dengue fever and West Nile spreading, mosquitoes are more than just a simple annoyance. Even if the mosquitoes lingering around your property don't carry a harmful virus, no one wants to spend their summer scratching itchy, painful bug bites. Luckily, there are specific and proactive things you can do to manage mosquitoes at home before they get out of hand. Here are seven tips: Read More 

3-Step Guide To Safely Removing And Repelling A Ladybug Infestation In Your Home

19 February 2016
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While you may enjoy seeing the occasional ladybug outside in your garden, you may not appreciate the onslaught that happens every spring and fall when hordes of them make their way into your home. Not only can they be a visual nuisance, they could also be a source of your or your family's allergies. To get rid of them without spreading toxic chemicals throughout your home, use the following three-step guide. Read More