Drywood And Dampwood Termite Control Strategies To Use In Your Garage

28 August 2023
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It isn't uncommon for a termite infestation to be discovered within a garage. If you have previously treated termites within your garage on more than one occasion, you may want to reconsider the pest control strategies that you have been using.

The Source

Drywood and dampwood termite varieties burrow within fibrous wood products. These termite species differ from subterranean ones since they are found in both outdoor and indoor settings that are aboveground. 

Before you formulate a pest control plan, consider the source where termites have been discovered in the past.

Drywood termites are found in hard, dry wood products. They often nest in flooring, furnishings, and structural materials. Dampwood termites are found in decaying and moist wood products. They may nest in walls, flooring, and lumber that has not been treated with a preservative. 

Preventive Measures

A pest technician will inspect your garage, plus identify termites if they are discovered.

If drywood or dampwood termites are not found during the inspection process, a pest control technician will outline some preventive measures that will ward off pest issues in the future. They will assess the materials that termites have infested in the past. This will help them determine the threat of a future infestation.

If unsealed wooden materials are located within your garage, the technician may recommend cleaning and sealing wooden surfaces. They may also advise you to perform structural repairs that will make the garage more resilient to pest invasions.


If a termite variety is discovered, the pest control technician will use an effective control method to target them. They may administer a spray or powder product to kill live termites. The killing process could take one or more applications of a pesticide.

Once termites have died off, the contents within the garage will need to be cleaned. If structural walls or flooring have been treated with a pesticide, they will also need to be cleaned.

To thoroughly clean the garage, move loose items outdoors. Sanitize materials with nonporous surfaces. Disinfect the walls and flooring within the garage. Allow the treated surfaces to air dry. During the drying process, open windows or the garage door to allow fresh air to enter the garage.

Other Products

Some commercial products are designed to repel and kill termites. These types of products can be used to protect the property that surrounds the garage. Products may be attached to stakes that will allow you to secure each product in the ground.

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