5 Tips For Using A Home Radon Test Kit

16 November 2022
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Are you concerned about there possibly being radon in your home, and you're not sure what to do? Know that you can always test for radon using a home test kit. Here are some tips for using a radon home test kit to ensure the most accurate results.

Use Both Testers At The Same Time

Your test kit will come with two sealed testers with a removable cap. Don't make the mistake of using just one of them, since you actually need to use both at the same time. The two testers ensure that the radon levels are accurate because it is picking up the air quality at the exact same time. If there is a problem with the tester itself, the lab that analyzes the results will not know because there is no other tester to compare the results to.

Test The Air In the Lowest Level Of Your Home

The air quality is going to be the worst as you are closer to the soil, which is why the testers should be placed on the lowest level of your home that you can use. There is no need to put the testers in a crawlspace if you do not have a basement since the first floor will be fine. You want to record the radon levels in the space that you are actually living in, not a space that is not actually used. 

Save The Caps For The Tester

It's important to hold onto the caps that the testers came with because you need to seal the tester before you send it back. If not, the tester will continue to be exposed to air quality when it is sent in the mail, which will lead to an inaccurate result.

Record The Exact Testing Time

There will be places to record the exact times that the tester was exposed to the air within your home on the testers themselves. Make sure that you are accurate with the exact time the testers will open. This will allow accurate readings to be made based on how long the tester was exposed to the environment, which is why it is not open to leave them exposed any longer than necessary. 

Avoid Indoor Drafts During Testing

Another factor that can impact the test results is if there are any drafts in your home during the test period. Avoid leaving windows and doors open, because this can cause the air from outside to affect the test results. You want to know about the air quality in your home, not outside the home.  

Fore more info about radon tests, contact a local company.