What You Need To Do If You're Finding Signs Of Mice In Your Home

25 May 2022
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Mice are small rodents, but although they are small, they can cause damage and be a major nuisance for you and your family. These pests carry disease, can carry fleas and ticks, and can enable other pests to come into your home to also be a nuisance for you. If you see signs of mice in your home, there are things you should do to get them out of your house as soon as possible. Read on for some steps you should take to exterminate the mice from your home.

Find The Signs

Find the signs of these pests in your home to help you see where these pests are located. If you see the signs of these pests, you're going to at least have an idea where these pests are. This way, you can set traps around your house where you've seen the signs and have a better chance of trapping them. If you don't take the time to look for the signs and to set the traps where you've seen these things, you may continue to have an issue. Some signs to watch out for include mouse droppings, pieces of paper that are torn to shreds, or small pieces of fabric torn in the same manner. You may also find trails of food as well.

Set Snap Traps

Set the traps near where you have seen the signs of these rodents. Set snap traps that will kill these pests. Set the traps with fresh bait, and check the traps often. Reset the traps and freshen the bait with each re-set. You may also want to wash the traps to ensure they are clean and to help lure these pests to the traps. Use multiple traps, especially if you have seen a lot of signs of these pests. This means you may have a lot of rodents in your home.

Repair Openings

The rodents are making their way inside from the outside. You have to find where these openings in your home are located and make the repairs to your home to prevent more of these rodents from coming into your home. Use a flashlight and do a thorough inspection of your home to find narrow openings that mice can be using. Mice can squeeze into any small opening that is large enough to fit their heads through. If their heads fit, their bodies can fit too. Find these openings and repair them to protect your home.

If you have mice in your home, they need to be exterminated and your home should be secured to prevent a future pest issue. Hire a professional exterminator to rid your home of mice.

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