Tips For Setting Snap Traps To Remove Rodents From Your Home

28 February 2022
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Do you have rodents in your home that you want to get rid of? One of the ways to kill those pesky mice is to use snap traps. It is a much better way to deal with rodents because you are able to locate the body after they get caught in the trap, as opposed to poison, which can leave dead bodies that smell in walls or crawl spaces that are impossible to reach. Here are some tips for using rodent snap traps.

Use Gloves When Handling Traps

It is very important that you use gloves when you handle a snap trap. Not only do you not want to touch a snap trap that has been touched by a mouse due to cleanliness reasons, but you do not want the oils from your hands to get onto the trap. This can cause mice to stay away from the trap because of the odors that those oils leave behind.

Put The Trap Out Without Baiting It

It is always a good idea to set out a trap without baiting it to see what kind of bait works best. Set the trap on a paper plate in the place where you plan to put it, and put a variety of different bait on the plate. Not only will it get the mice to return to this spot to look for more food, but you'll learn what bait works best to set the trap. Try using cheese, peanut butter, fruit, and even cat food to see what works best.

Leave the trap out in this manner for several days so that the mice get used to it. Mice tend to be afraid of new objects that they run across. They'll need to adjust to the trap and know that it will not cause harm to them before you bait it.

Bait The Trap Properly

You need to only place a small amount of bait in the actual bait cup for it to work. If the bait is too large, the mouse will not have to work hard to get it out of the trap without setting it off. You want a small amount so that the mouse has to work for it and set off the trap. 

Use A Trap Station If Necessary

If you have pets or children in your home that you're worried about touching the trap, know that you can purchase a trap station to place the snap trap into. It is essentially an enclosure with holes small enough to allow the mice to enter and exit, and can even lock to ensure that children can get into the enclosure. 

Contact a pest control service for more information.