Humanely Discourage Pigeons From Remaining On Your Commercial Property

17 January 2018
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If you own a drive-in restaurant and for the most part your establishment has received rave reviews for the food you and your employees serve and the atmosphere that your patrons eat in, but lately several people have reached out to let you know that pigeons have been congregating near their vehicles, eliminating these pesky pests is crucial if you want to keep your customers happy and likely to continue doing business with you. Use the strategies below to humanely deter the birds from remaining on your commercial property.                 

Clean The Lot And Remove Trash From Receptacles

Pigeons are likely attracted by food crumbs and garbage. If your customers often eat their food while seated in their vehicles, but tend to leave their windows open, small scraps of food may occasionally fall onto the ground. Even if you provide your clientele with an outdoor dining area where people have plenty of space to enjoy their meals, food particles may wind up on the tables or ground. 

Take the initiative to clean the lot at the end of each shift. If you have several crew members who can help, provide them with brooms, dustpans, disinfectant, and rags. Direct your staff to close and tie trash bags and remove them from receptacles prior to heading home each evening. Trash should be placed inside of a dumpster or large trash can that is set up behind your business. 

Hang Shiny Items Around The Property

Shiny, reflective items may frighten pigeons and result in them avoiding your property and looking for a new place to peruse. Think about ways that you can dress up the outside of your property with shiny streamers or signs. If you have a small dining area that is covered by a canopy, perhaps you could use clips to secure streamers or a sign from the edges of the covering.

If fencing surrounds the business, use pieces of wire to secure shiny decor. The birds may not be a fan of the shiny embellishments, but the new additions may help your business stand out, resulting in more customers.

Cover Items With Netting

Large pieces of netting that are constructed of light-colored nylon can be draped over shrubs or around permanent fixtures where you have previously spotted pigeons. Netting that is designed to eliminate birds and other pests will contain holes that are not large enough for pigeons to fit through.

After pigeons are stopped in their tracks, they will likely fly off. Netting will not damage your property and can be removed when desired. It is a reusable material, so if you decide to take netting down and store it inside of your business, you can drape it over and around items again if pigeons become a nuisance in the future. Contact a service, like Bio-Lab Pest & Termite Control, for more help.