3 Tips That Can Help You Prevent A Bed Bug Infestation

3 March 2017
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A bed bug infestation is one of the worst infestations that you can get into your home, mostly because it can lead to issues ranging from allergic reactions on the part of family members that get bitten to the high cost of getting an established bed bug infestation cleared out. Listed below are three tips you can follow that can help you prevent a bed bug infestation from taking root within your home.

Be Careful When Travelling

One of the most important things you can do that can help you prevent a bed bug infestation is to be very careful when traveling. The primary reason for this is that bed bug infestations frequently spread via travelers, mostly because of the fact that bed bug infestations are very common in hotels.

In order to avoid this issue, make sure that you check the bedding and furniture within the hotel you stay at thoroughly in order to spot any signs of bed bugs, such as blood spots on the sheets or little brown or orange spots because those spots are often the bed bugs themselves. If you find any traces of those items in your bed, consider requesting another room or simply going to another hotel if the hotel is unwilling to transfer you to a different room.

Inspect Used Furniture Thoroughly

Another tip that can help you prevent a bed bug infestation is to inspect any used furniture that you may purchase as thoroughly as possible. This means checking every inch of the upholstery as well as any cracks that might exist in the wood portions of the furniture. In addition, it's always a good idea to take any cushioning off of the furniture and run it through the washing machine before you let it sit in your home for long periods of time.

Clear Out Your Clutter

Finally, make sure that you clear out any clutter that may exist in your home in order to help prevent a bed bug infestation. The reason for this is that clutter makes for a good hiding place for a bed bug infestation, and the more clutter that you have, the more likely it is that a bed bug infestation will develop or remain hidden long enough to become firmly entrenched before you find it.

Contact a pest control service today for more about this topic. Being careful when traveling, inspecting used furniture thoroughly, and clearing out your clutter are all great ways to help lower the chances that a bedbug infestation will show up in your home.