Tips for Preventing a Bed Bug Infestation in Your Home

29 November 2019
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Although they are tiny, bed bugs can become big problems if they enter your home. While there are things you can do to get rid of these pests if necessary, it's best to prevent them from infesting your home in the first place.  It can take months to eradicate a bed bug infestation in your home, even if you are diligent in your eradication efforts. Despite their name, bed bugs can infest any room in your home, although mattresses may be their favorite breeding grounds. Read More 

Reducing Or Eliminating Mosquitoes In Your Yard

15 October 2019
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According to the CDC, mosquito-borne diseases are on the rise in the United States. The prevalence of these dangerous illnesses has prompted many homeowners to take action to reduce mosquito populations on their property. While some exposure to mosquitoes is an unfortunate part of outdoor activity, there are steps you can take to limit the number of mosquitoes near your home. By reducing the number of mosquitoes around your home, you will also reduce the likelihood that mosquitoes will find their way into your house. Read More 

New To The South And Found Roaches In Your Crawl Space? Consider Encapsulation

22 May 2019
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When you move to the south from the north, you'll experience many new cultural adjustments. For example, you may find that your home doesn't have a basement but a crawl space instead. Unfortunately, you may also find that cockroaches, which are plentiful in these southern states, love to take up residence in your crawl space. Thankfully, encapsulation can help. Pests to Expect Crawl spaces provide southern homes with a little extra support but are often home to many types of pests. Read More