Rat Race: Strategies For Winning The Fight Against Rodents

1 June 2023
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Rats are a persistent pest in many areas, but there are ways to win the rat race. It isn't easy and it takes some work, but with the right strategies and an understanding of how rats behave, you can take back your home from these pesky rodents.

Here are a few tips for winning the fight against rats and reclaiming your home.

Know the Signs of a Rodent Infestation

The first step in winning the rat race is to know the signs of a rodent infestation. Rodents leave telltale droppings, chew on furniture and electrical wiring, and create nests in warm areas. If you spot any of these signs, act quickly to take back control.

Some signs are less well-known. For instance, rats are attracted to the smell of food, so if you have a lot of crumbs or spilled liquids in your home, it's likely that rats will follow. Take the time to clean up messes and inspect areas around food storage for signs of a rat infestation.

Learn Some Common Trapping Techniques

Trapping is a common rat-fighting strategy. Common traps include snap traps, live cage traps, and electronic traps. Snap traps are common and effective, but they are not the most humane option.

Live cage traps are an alternative to snap traps that allow you to release the rat away from your home. Electronic traps use electricity to kill rats quickly, but they require more maintenance and can be dangerous if not used correctly.

Understand Different Poisons & Rodent Baits

Poisons and rodent baits can be effective, but you must understand how to use them safely. Different poisons work differently. Some are toxic to humans and pets, while others are only toxic to rodents.

Always follow safety instructions when using poisons or rodent baits, and make sure that you store them securely away from children and pets.

Seal Entry Points

The key to winning the rat race is to prevent rats from entering your home in the first place. Inspect your property for any openings that rodents could use to get in, such as gaps around windows or doors.

Seal these openings using caulk and steel wool to prevent future infestations.

Know When to Call a Professional

If you've tried all the tactics above and you're still having trouble with your rodent infestation, it's time to call in the professionals. A rodent control professional will be able to assess the extent of your infestation and recommend an effective plan of action.