Treating Your Yard For Mosquitoes: What You Can Do

25 April 2023
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Mosquitoes are relentless pests that will swarm you when you least expect it and invade your outdoor fun just to suck your blood. These blood-thirsty pests don't care that you're trying to enjoy a meal outside or relax on your patio. They just want one thing from you, and they won't stop until they get it or they get swatted. Treating your home for these pests is very important to reduce the population and to help make being outside more tolerable. Read on for what you can do to treat your home for mosquitoes.

Remove All Standing Water

Standing water is an attractant for these pests, as they use the standing water to lay their eggs. They also prefer moist, damp areas, so if you have a lot of standing water, or you have a lot of groundwater in your lawn, you're going to have a lot of mosquitoes. Remove the standing water from things such as planters and pots, bird baths, ponds that do not have a pump to move the water around, and any other standing water that you have in your yard. If your lawn has standing water, you may need to grade your lawn or fill in holes to prevent the standing water. Use downspout extensions to help move water away from your home and to help it drain away, rather than just sit in one spot.

Exterminate The Mosquitoes

Exterminate the population of mosquitoes in your lawn by spraying a pesticide around your lawn, either a spray that you spray directly into your lawn or a fog that you use to kill the mosquitoes. Both types can be found at your local hardware store or anywhere that sells extermination supplies. Use the pesticide according to the manufacturer's instructions. This may not get rid of every single mosquito, but it can help greatly reduce the population of these pests.

Clear Out Landscaping

Your landscaping may be what is bringing these pests to your yard. If you have a lot of dense trees or thick foliage in your yard, you are going to need to trim your trees or bushes and keep your lawn trimmed. Clear out some of the dense trees in these areas.

If you have an issue with mosquitoes in your yard, you can use the tips above to help treat your yard, or you can hire a pest control specialist to treat your yard for you. For more information on mosquito prevention, contact a professional near you.