Pest Control: How To Prepare Your House For A Termite Inspection

8 August 2022
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Many homeowners spend a lot of money annually on pest-related property damage. Pests like termites usually cause much damage to your property with time. Usually, termites are among the most detrimental pests you can deal with. So if you suspect they might have invaded your home, you should contact an expert in termite control immediately for help. They will inspect your home because they know where termites like to hide. In most cases, termites hide or live in areas you can hardly suspect. But before the professionals arrive, see what you can do to make their work easier.

Prepare the Attic and Basement

The termite control professionals would like to inspect areas like the attic and basement because they are highly prone to a termite invasion. Unfortunately, checking for signs of a termite problem in such areas might not be an easy task. However, you can participate to make the inspection process seamless by clearing any item hindering accessibility to your attic and basement. This way, you help the experts save time because they have easy access.

Move Your Furniture Further from the Walls

Termites typically build their nests inside the walls. So the experts will like to inspect the edges of your indoor space. If you have cupboards, cabinets, or couches near the walls, you can move them slightly away to enable the inspectors to access the walls.

Make All the Water Sources Accessible

Termites can't survive without water, so they also build nests near water sources. For this reason, most pest control experts may want to check if termites have built nests near indoor or outdoor water sources. If there are items near them, ensure you remove them to make the inspection process easier. The experts may also want to inspect other areas like the pipelines and bathrooms. 

Tell the Experts What You Know

As a homeowner, you should direct the termite control experts to where you last saw the termites. You could even describe how serious you think the pest problem could be based on what you saw or know. Have you identified termite-related property damage in your home? If yes, let them know so they can decide how they approach the problem. Indeed, the experts have the right skills and tools to detect a termite infestation. However, what you know about the termite problem could help them a lot 

Although the termite control experts do not demand that you prepare your home before an inspection, doing so can help save time. After all, the quicker you exterminate termites from your home, the better. It can save your home from further damage by termites. Contact pest control services to learn more.