Are These Pests Hanging Out In Your Bed?

8 April 2022
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When you think about finding bugs in your bed, chances are that you think of bed bugs. But did you know that there are other pests that could be making a home in your bed? They can be nasty creatures, and pest control services can help you find and eliminate them.

You may already be familiar with bed bugs, but they aren't the only pest lurking in your sheets. These are some of the pests that could be claiming your bed as their own, as well as how to identify them.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are another popular pest that might want to hang out in your bed. These bugs are hard to keep away without covering your mattress or bedding, and they could be a huge reason why you find yourself sneezing after you get up for the day.

If you think you have dust mites, you may need to spend extra time cleaning your sheets and pillowcases each week. It's also not a bad idea to vacuum your mattress regularly.


Fleas often live in beds, especially if you have a dog or a cat in your home. Fleas are quite sneaky because they are small and hide in small folds and creases. You may spot them if you look closely. They are small black bugs that can hop pretty far.

Even if you wash your sheets, it may not be enough to get rid of the fleas. If you notice that your pet has been extra itchy lately or you have small bites, fleas could be the culprit.


Lice can also live in your bedding, and they can also be transported via clothing and towels. Lice are usually an issue associated with children, but they can be found in adult hair as well. Remember that if even one bed in your house is infested with lice, you should ensure that all the beds in the home are treated.

There are a few types of lice to look out for as you examine your bedding. Nits, or eggs, are the first. They are white flakes, easily mistaken for dandruff. Then, you need to look for baby lice (smaller) and adult lice (larger). Both will drink blood to survive, so you may also notice bites and itchy scabs.

Get Pest Control Services in Your Home

If you think the safety and cleanliness of your bed may have been breached, it's time to get some pest control services on the job. A professional can help you manage the pests and give you back your sacred sleeping space.