4 Signs It's Time To Call A Termite Extermination Service

30 July 2021
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If you're always apprehensive about HVAC, plumbing, or electrical issues around your home, you should take a moment and think about what a termite infestation could do to your property. These pests can invade your home covertly and cause untold damage. Luckily, you can always call a reliable termite extermination company and purge the menace.

One of the reasons you need to expedite your search for a termite exterminator is that termites damage your home in secluded quarters. When you realize they're inside your property, the wood frames, doors, walls, or windows frames are already buckling. You can't afford to think about the fortune you'll pay to rebuild and eliminate these ants. To avoid the stress and agony, you must call an experienced termite extermination company quickly. 

Here are signs that your home qualifies for termite extermination services.

Mud Tunnels or Tubes

The nasty thing about termites is that they'll make themselves comfortable inside your home as soon as they invade. The pests chew and gnaw on everything they come across. Soon, they'll establish a colony and feed around the clock. As they build their habitat within your home, they construct passages that look like mud tubes. They rely on these tunnels to move around as they look for more items to devour. When you notice these mud-covered passages, call a termite exterminator fast.

Discarded Wings

It's no surprise that homeowners like you don't know that termites indeed have wings. When the ants reach maturity, they shed. If you're keen enough, you'll find loads of discarded wings around the foundation or stuck on cobwebs. It's prudent to exercise your curiosity when you notice tiny wings on window sills, in the basement, or around the porch lights. To be safe, don't ignore your instinct, and call a termite extermination service to inspect and guide you on the way forward.

Termite Droppings

Various termite species have insatiable appetites, and they can go on a feeding frenzy for days. Consequently, they will leave traces of evidence in the form of feces or frass. When they chew and drill your wood from the inside out, you'll notice sawdust-like deposits at the base of a post or wood frame. 

This is a clear indication that termites have settled in your property. Instead of replacing the damaged wood, speak to a reputable termite extermination professional as soon as you can. If the wood inside the home feels hollow to the touch, it signals a widespread infestation that requires emergency intervention.

For more information about termite extermination, call a pest control company in your area.