3 Common Questions About Lawn Grubs

27 April 2021
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Have you noticed dead patches of grass on your lawn and are not sure why it is happening? You likely have a grub infestation. Here are some questions you likely have about how to treat grubs and make them go away for good.

Why Do Grubs Cause So Much Damage?

Grubs can be found underground where you can't see them, which makes the damage that they cause quite a mystery. They damage the grass by feeding on the roots, which makes it difficult for the grass to absorb the nutrients and water it needs to thrive. It will eventually suffer under the summer heat and is noticeable in patches that can be pulled up with ease. 

How Do You Identify Grubs?

It's important that you identify what is causing damage to your lawn so you use the right solution to stop it, preventing you from wasting time and money. You may be able to see the grub worms in the grass if you lift a part of your lawn that is damaged. Grubs are known for having a body that is white, thick, and soft, and are frequently curled up in the shape of the letter C. What makes a grub easy to identify is their distinct legs since they have three pairs that are located near their head.

How Do You Get Rid Of Grubs?

Grubs tend to be born and come out from hibernation in late summer, which makes the months of August and September the best time to get rid of them. That's due to the newly hatched grub being closer to the surface and are the most susceptible to being killed by pesticides. Newly hatched grubs are also going to be weaker and easier to kill. You'll need to use a pesticide that is specifically made for killing grubs if you want to get rid of them. The pesticide will absorb into the soil and get into the root system of your grass but not kill the grass in the process. 

A liquid pesticide is applied with a hose sprayer, which will use water to get the pesticide to soak into the ground. You can also use a granular pesticide that is applied to the lawn using a spreader and then water the ground afterward so that the chemicals are released into the soil. 

Reach out to a lawn treatment company if you need help getting rid of grubs in your lawn.