What Not To Do When A Racoon Is In Your Home

29 August 2018
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The thought of a raccoon roaming free around your home is unsettling. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a way to remove the animal from your home without jeopardizing your safety or the safety of the animal. On the contrary, there is a wrong way to go about the process that puts both of you at risk. Learn what safety-risking steps you should not take when you face a similar situation.

Catch and Grab

Never attempt to catch and grab the raccoon. By nature, raccoons are not aggressive animals. However, just like any other creature, if the animal feels attacked, they can transform into a defensive being. The problem is that wild animals don't interpret human contact in the same way that another human being would. 

To the animal, your attempt to corner and grab them is interpreted as a threat of physical harm. More than likely, you won't even be able to catch the animal. In an attempt to escape you they will run around and terrorize your home. Even if you are quick enough to grab the animal, you run the risk of an attack.


One method of catching an animal is to lay a trap. For example, you place a small amount of food somewhere near the door in hopes that you can lure the animal to the area and get them out of your home. In theory, the idea sounds great. However, execution never really happens as planned.

First, assume that you can lure the animal and even get it out of your home. Any benefit you get could be short-lived. Animals have incredibly good memories. While the animal might leave, they might remember the food they received at your home and label your home as a food source. The next time the raccoon is hungry, it could travel right back into your home, especially if you don't take steps to seal up the area they entered through. 

Chemical Mixtures

If you spend any amount of time on the Internet looking for tips for raccoon removal, you probably have run into a chemical bait mixture or two to use. Do not rely on these methods. Sure, a raccoon in your home is a major inconvenience, but the animal is just as inconvenienced and nervous as you. Venturing into your home was a mistake, and the animal wants nothing more than to get out back into the wild. 

The raccoon does not deserve to die for their actions. However, many of these solutions can cause severe harm to the animal, if not prove to be fatal. You don't want to end up with a sick or dead raccoon in your home.

The best thing you can do to remove a raccoon from your home is to contact a pest removal company like Gainesville Pest Control LLC. From protecting your safety to safeguarding the animal, a pest removal professional is your best resort.