FAQs About Bed Bugs In A House

22 March 2018
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Although bed bugs are not the most common pests that homeowners deal with, they are a nuisance when they do show up. The bad thing about having bed bugs in a house is that they can leave a substantial number of bite marks on your body on a daily basis. If you have been waking up with red marks on your body, it is wise to get your house inspected for bed bugs by professionals like those at American Pest Professionals. You might even be able to find out where they are hiding on your own. After reading through the information below, you will have more knowledge about bed bugs and how they can be removed from your home.

What Causes Bed Bugs to Appear in a House?

Bed bugs will usually show up in a house after a homeowner has traveled to a place in which they were present. For instance, if you traveled to visit a relative that has bed bugs in their house, the pests could have gotten into your luggage. When you brought the luggage home and unpacked, it may have allowed the bugs to get out and crawl around. Another common place that homeowners travel to and bring back bed bugs is a hotel. The pests can be found in hotels of any star level, so it is always important to check around for them before sleeping in a room.

Are Bed Bugs Harmful to Humans?

Bed begs are not pests that are known for causing a lot of harm to humans. Even if you get bitten by the pests, the bite marks can usually be treated without a problem. In most cases, you don't even need professional treatment to get rid of bites from bed bugs. It is also possible to live in a house with bed bugs and never show any signs that they have bitten your skin. In the most severe case, someone that is allergic to the pests might break out with hives and begin to itch a lot.

How Can a Homeowner Get Rid of Bed Bugs?

The best method for getting rid of bed bugs is to get your house treated by a pest control professional. He or she will likely ask you to thoroughly clean the house before treatment is done. For instance, you might need to wash draperies, clothing, blankets, and more to get rid of any bed bugs that are hiding out in them. You might also need to remove mattresses and stand them up against the wall. The exterminator will then visit your house and thoroughly treat it.