Oh, Rats… Five Signs These Pests May Be Calling Your House Their Home

22 August 2017
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You'd know if you had rats, right? Would you see one scampering across the floor or climbing up your stairs? Well... maybe not. Rats are pretty timid creatures, and they can live in your home for weeks or months before you actually see one. Since it's always best to deal with an infestation early, keep an eye out for these other signs that you may have rats in your home: Read More 

How To Get Deal With Bats In Your Attic

5 August 2017
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It's very unsettling to learn there are bats living in your attic. You probably want them out as fast as possible. However, in many places bats are protected, so you can't just start killing them or forcing them outside. Plus, bats carry rabies and spread other diseases, so you don't want to disturb the colony yourself. You'll need to bring in a pest control company with experience in removing wildlife to help you out. Read More 

How To Eliminate Ticks

20 July 2017
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Ticks are a common garden pest that, unlike most other pests, don't actually pose a threat to your garden's plant life. Instead, ticks pose a threat to both you and your pets, as they can carry a wide range of diseases that they can spread to you through bites. If you notice that you or your pets have a tick attached to them, or you've seen ticks crawling around in your garden, you'll want to take a couple of steps to eliminate their population and keep your pets and yourself safe. Read More 

How Cockroaches Get In Your House And How To Get Rid Of Them

23 June 2017
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Seeing one cockroach in your house might not worry you a lot, but you might start getting a little upset if you begin seeing a lot of them roaming throughout your home. Many people think that cockroaches only infest homes that are vacant or very dirty, but this is not the case. The cleanest home in the world is capable of being infested by cockroaches, and this is because cockroaches can get in a home in so many ways. Read More 

Pest Control For Your Home

13 April 2017
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It can be very frustrating to find that there is a pest problem in your home. There are many different kinds of pests and each one brings its own challenges, but the main problem is simply just getting rid of them. It does not matter whether you are fighting with rodents like rats and mice, or spiders, termites, wasps, or any other pest they can do a great deal of damage. Read More